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Levi Poulter Safe for Work Image

Levi Poulter has been a busy guy. The Utah native was born in 1977 and grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Poulter moved to Miami to pursue his modeling dreams and has had a long career appearing in Abercrombie & Fitch ads, Target ads and DNA magazine, among other publications. He’s not a shy man, and many of the photos you might find with safe search off aren’t exactly work friendly. Fear not! We have compiled a gallery of safe for work Levi Poulter photos that (probably) won’t get you in trouble.

The gallery features images of Poulter in swimwear and underwear from his many years as a model. In one photo, he paints a door frame while wearing C-IN2 briefs. In another, he stretches and flexes on a sandy beach wearing a white swim brief. Sure, he’s naked in a couple of photos, but he posed in semi-modest positions so that you don’t see anything that will get you fired.

Warning: The Underwear Expert takes no responsibility for any job losses attributed to these safe for work Levi Poulter photos. Be careful viewing this gallery if, for example, you happen to be a priest.

For more information about these brands: Abercrombie & Fitch, C-IN2

Photos Courtesy of: Most Beautiful Man

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  1. [email protected] says:

    Hot face and body, but his dick is unexpectedly small. I still wonder what happened to him. He sort of disappeared suddenly around the same time that his website went down.

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