DNA’s Sexiest Men Cover Guy: Julian Gabriel

Julian Gabriel for DNA featured

We’ve always loved Julian Gabriel for his handsome mug and modeling skills, and now the Miami heartthrob is getting his due. In the most recent issue of DNA Magazine, Gabriel was the cover guy for the annual “Sexiest Men Alive” edition. Congrats, Julian!

From modeling in Calvin Klein Underwear to rocking Mmensuel underwear, Julian Gabriel is a rising star in a hotly contested field. His almost unreal features have been a dream come true for photographers and brands alike. His swooshing chestnut hair and muscular body are perhaps as close to the human ideal as one can come. His gaze is strong and masculine, but approachable and unthreatening. Not many models can pull that off. Cesar di Lupe does an excellent job of capturing these unique qualities in a shoot we covered back in June.

In addition to landing the cover spot for DNA‘s 152nd issue, Julian Gabriel posed for the magazine in fun, tongue in cheek shoot on the beach. He’s looking his best in this spread: tanned, sandy, and wearing aussieBum swimwear.

We can only hope that this honor brings him even more popularity. With his looks and skill, the sky is the limit for the 24 year old model.

Who is your pick for Sexiest Man of the Year? Does Julian Gabriel deserve the crown? Let us know in the comments below.

Julian Gabriel for DNA 1

Julian Gabriel for DNA 6

Julian Gabriel for DNA 5

Julian Gabriel for DNA 4

Julian Gabriel for DNA 3

Julian Gabriel for DNA 2

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