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Puma: Socks and Underwear

PUMA is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. A German company, PUMA underwear, got its start in 1948. It began as a shoe company run by two brothers, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. After a series of major disagreements, the brother split the company into two separate entities. Today we know those two companies as PUMA underwear and Adidas. The company split was a big issue in the town of Herzogenaurach and was nicknamed "the town of bent necks." It created a West Side Story-Esque rivalry among the townspeople. People were always looking down to see which brand of shoes they were wearing. Today the brand offers not only shoes but sportswear and of course PUMA underwear.

The initial name for PUMA was Ruda, named for Rudolf. From its inception, the merchandising featured a silhouette of a puma jumping through a "D." Rudolf didn't introduce the logo we know today until 1958. Since then, PUMA has been sponsor for Olympic athletes, and football leagues as well as collaborating with heavy hitters in the music industry.

PUMA underwear is not only great for everyday wear but for working out as well. Their underwear features a cool, moisture wicking fabric that also allows a full range of motion. Their traing boxer brief has anti-odor technolgy as well as flatlock seams to limit friction. Grab a pair of PUMA underwear today and level up you below the belt.