The Underwear Expert’s mission is to make sense of the Men’s underwear landscape, highlighting new and interesting topics, discussing trends and opportunities, and providing an editorial perspective paired with photos of men in underwear.

Brought to you by industry executive Michael Kleinmann, The Underwear Expert is the only recognized resource to find out what is going on in men’s underwear. Here’s what you’ll find on this men’s underwear blog:

Letter from the Editor:

I never thought I’d get into the underwear industry – but somehow, I got involved in an underwear start-up called Freshpair back in 2001 which became my passion for the next 10 years. Other than wearing it (and previously boxers I’m ashamed to admit), I knew nothing about this business and men in underwear was nothing more than a billboard to me. I just had an interest in technology and marketing, and knew how to solve problems and have fun doing it. Over the next 10 years, I built an underwear empire and a reputation, thus opening up my eyes to an exciting industry. I’ve created runway shows in Times Square with men in underwear, advised the most well-known underwear companies, made numerous TV appearances, and influenced an industry that I have come to love. Since men’s underwear is where my passion lies – after decided to move on from Freshpair, I started The Underwear Expert, to solely focus on the mens side of the underwear business and share my underwear passion with the world.

And yes, I’ve graduated from boxers to briefs.

Michael Kleinmann
Editor-In-Chief & CEO
The Underwear Expert 

For more information: Michael Kleinmann

“When I’m looking for someone to speak knowledgably on the subject of men’s underwear, the first person I go to is Michael Kleinmann at The Underwear Expert. He and his team have provided valuable insight on trends and product for both the print and digital versions of Men’s Health.”– BRIAN BOYE, Fashion Director, Men’s Health

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