Color Udate: The Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks


Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks

When you’ve got a good thing flaunt it baby, flaunt it! That’s what Diesel is doing with the Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks color update. Now available in a great star print and a bright orange, you’ll be sure to get all the unbelievable comfort of the Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks, as well as the new style of the revamped looks.

Both the blue stars and orange look of the Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks ($28.00) are soft and stretchy with longer legs (over 8 inches down each leg). The trunks are made from a well chosen blend that is 57% cotton, 38% poly, and 5% elastane. That pretty much means you’re going to get comfort, sleek movement, and hip hugging control every time you wear them.

The pouch is double ply for quality and extra support. This is amplified by a center support dart that doesn’t overwhelm the space below your pants with too much fabric. Rather, there’s just enough for extra support and comfortable contouring. The seat is smooth and seamless, and the entire design of the Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks is made to feel soft and stretchy.

These are mid-to-low-rise so they sit just below your natural waistline. And you’ll have no problem remembering you’re wearing Diesel because the brand name on the exposed elastic waistband is plush with an embossed logo right in the center. Best of all, it’s stitched with style to look fantastic sticking ever so slightly above the top of your jeans.

Simple but sporty, soft but secure, the Diesel Underdenim Divine Trunks now come in hot orange and fashionable blue stars. Along with the original colors of grey, white, and ebony they are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Freshpair