The 2014 Swim Collection From XTG

The photo shoot for the 2014 swim collection from XTG shows off a lot of sun, a lot of skin, and a lot of ink. The tattooed model in this shoot looks great in the swim bikinis and trunks with plenty of sexy to go around. Each item in the collection makes a statement, and the hunky models is bold enough to back up the looks.

Whether he lets his hair down or holds it up, the model for the 2014 swim collection shows off his many muscles and his tattoos. We follow him along the seaside as he poses in bikinis that are bold or brightly-colored. He wears one trunk from the collection, tugging seductively on the waistband. He boasts a manly attitude about him, and the tattoos only make him hotter. They also serve as a nice path for our eyes to run up and down this guy’s body.

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For more information on this brand: XTG

Photo Credit: XTG