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With summer right around the corner, 24/7 playtime is almost in full effect! Until you can actually get out and enjoy the weather, now are the last few moments to have some fun inside, which Underwear Nation proved in their May Issue named Neon Lights.

Underwear Nation Catches The Spring Fever Bug For The April Issue

Underwear Nation’s chief photographer, Jerrad Matthew, themed this month’s issue around the brightly colored new collection named Miami from Garcon Model, as well as looks from Los Angeles based underwear brand, Timoteo. The underwear of the month club employeed law student/model Matthew Bahleda to glow in the dark. Playing off the bold colors of Garcon Model briefs and trunks, the duo worked their magic to light up this photo editorial with neon glow in the dark undies. Set against a black lit background, the bodies and waistbands of the underwear pop out of the photos, forcing the eye to appreciate the masterful construction of the skivvies and Matthew’s ripped curves.

The May Issue has not one, but two editorials. The second set of photos incorporates the fun and playful pairs of underwear with a fun atmosphere: an arcade! Find your favorite pairs of Timoteo and Garcon Model underwear paired up with your favorite classic games like Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. Matthew took a break from some intense gaming competition to catch his breath and give his fingers a break. But the rest of his body was put to work by posing in front of a vivid graffitied wall, complete with glow in the dark paint that lit up the room.

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We think the underwear is the scene stealer in these photos because they definitley light up the room with their neon features. What is your favorite photo from Underwear Nation’s May Issue? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

To view the full article for the Neon Lights Issue on Underwear Nation and join their click here.

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew via Underwear Nation.

For more information on the brands in the photo shoot: Garcon Model and Timoteo

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