Reinaldo Fuzil Starts A Heat Wave

Reinaldo Fuzil

When prizefighter Reinaldo Fuzil isn’t causing a commotion in the ring, he’s causing a heat wave in the latest from Nit Swim Barcelona.

Photographer Adrian C. Martin perfectly captures the glory and otherworldly beauty of the Brazilin beach side. Fuzil, a mountain of a man, stares at the Brazilian morning glow in a pair of Premium Frosted Grey Red Sunset Polarized shades (€ 25.00) with FDA Approved UV400 Protectio by Knockaround.

But the real highlight of this stunning collage of photos are the latest from Nit. Fuzil offers a perfect T.K.O. in photo after photo as the daring, resilient, and vivacious colors of summer compliment his torched cherry wood complexion. The MMA pugilist flaunts the season’s swimwear like a shiner.

This is just a sneak peek of the Nit Swim Summer 2014, and we’re expecting a spicy bunch of briefs and trunks with delicious drawstrings, slightly subversive contours, and a snug, sensual fit.

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For more information on the brand: Nit

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin