14 Most Viewed Celebrity Underwear Stories of 2013

When it came to celebrity underwear sightings, the year 2013 was full of them. Though Justin Beiber’s Calvin Klein underwear sightings were everywhere in 2013, he failed to crack your top 14 celeb moments, which included a boy band prank, a Voice judge, Glee Stars, and, ironically, no underwear at all.

Check out our 14 most viewed celebrity underwear stories of 2013 below. Did your favorite make the list? Sound off in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

14) Harry Styles Gets Pantsed

Our number 14 moment stars Harry Styles, who has made quite the name for himself apart from his band, One Direction. During a concert in London back in April, band mate Liam Payne thought it would be funny to rip off the pants of Styles during a rendition of “What Makes Your Beautiful.” What resulted was this classic celeb underwear moment.

13) Top 5 Chris Meloni Underwear Moments

April 2 was the Law & Order star’s Birthday. As such, we threw a party the only way we know how at The Underwear Expert; we analyzed the star’s best underwear moments. The about scene from Law & Order was our second pick.

12) Get Adam Levine’s Under Armour Look

The Underwear Expert is always on the hunt for celebrity underwear moments. Of course, when we saw Adam Levine rolling on the floor during an October taping of The Voice, all we can think about where he may have gotten his Under Armour boxers. So, we compiled a list of five looks for those interested in wearing the same undies as The Voice coach.

11) Chord Overstreet’s Underwear Moments

In order to commemorate the winter premiere of Glee last year, we compiled our top 10 underwear moments from Chord Overstreet, who portrays the ex stripper Sam Evans in the series. His jock face “Bane” impression scratched the surface of this countdown.

10) Darren Criss Underwear Moments

Cracking our top ten is another Glee star, Darren Criss. When it came time for the Sept. 26 premiere, we were excited to see where his character Blaine would be heading, and we were interested ins digging up Criss’ best moments in underwear. Our number one choice wasn’t some of his college candids, but, they are definitely some of the most fun.

9) Get Tom Daley’s Look

By the time Tom Daley came out in December, we had already compiled multiple posts of his best underwear/speedo moments. In our number 9 celebrity underwear story of the year, we took the time to show you how to get the various underwear looks of the brave diver.

8) Top 10 Rob Lowe Underwear Moments

March 17 we celebrated Rob Lowe’s birthday by counting down his best underwear moments. The above clip is from the movie Youngbloods. The actor’s underwear of choice? A jockstrap.

7) The Best Josh Hutcherson Underwear Sightings

Last year was a big one for Josh Hutcherson, who starred in the sequel to the Hunger Games. In May, however, he was out promoting his animated feature, Epic. In our coverage of the flick, we checked up on some of the actor’s more revealing moments.

6) Justin Timberlake Underwear Moments

It’s hard to believe, but, January 2013 gave us the come back of Justin Timberlake. After a six year hiatus from music, Timberlake came back swinging with “Suit & Tie” the lead single from his now successful 20/20 Experience. To welcome him back, we checked in on some of his best underwear moments.

5) Chris Pine Underwear Moments

Last summer, Chris Pine stared in one of the most anticipated movies of 2013, Star Trek: Into Darkness. As we researched the actor’s best underwear moments, we saw that he had no qualms about going shirtless or stripping to his skivvies for a role.

4) Channing Tatum’s Underwear Habits

In an interview from January, we learned that former underwear model turned Magic Mike star Channing Tatum preferred wearing his underwear on the couch. He joked that he was not a morning person. He also said that he enjoyed jumping out of his one story house into a pool. Talk about a morning pick me up.

3) Steve Grands 15 NSFW Photos

In July of 2013, Steve Grand became one of the first successful openly gay country artists with a song that has since reached over one million views online. When he began to become a public figure, photos from Grand’s underwear model past resurfaced, and we were there to show them off.

2) Mark Wahlberg’s 5 Underwear Moments

Mark Wahlberg’s time as an underwear model for Calvin Klein is legendary. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that he falls at number of our most read celebrity underwear stories. He has had a somewhat quiet year, and we couldn’t help ourselves in taking a look back at some of his best work.

1) Top 5 Jon Hamm Commando Pics

Ironically, our most read celebrity article of 2013 involved no underwear at all. That’s right, our readers couldn’t get enough of Jon Hamm and his refusal to wear undies.