10 Best Colby Melvin Underwear Expert Posts of 2013

In 2013, underwear model Colby Melvin took off. He launched a web series with The Underwear Expert called “Boxer or Briefs,” hosted segments for NewNowNext, rallied for marriage equality, and appeared in a series of photos by some top photographers. In 2013, Colby began Colbra Entertainment with his fiancé, Brandon Robert Brown, and starred in a web series directed by Brad Hammer called “The Blonde Bitches.” He also shot a video encouraging people to sign up for healthcare. The best part? We were there to cover it all.

Check out the top 10 most viewed Colby Melvin Underwear Expert posts below. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

10) Colby on The Price is Right

Colby made an appearance on The Price is Right during an episode featuring athlete Charles Barkley. On the episode, Colby managed to win a motorcycle and compete in the Showcase Showdown. Speaking of his appearance, Colby told The Underwear Expert, “It was all such an adrenaline rush honestly. The day before we filmed the show my roommate said he had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go so I said ‘why not?’

“It was funny because several months before the producers from The Price is Right asked me to come in and apply to become the new male model,” Colby continued. “I brought that up in my interview hoping it would help my chances. I found out later that the casting producer recognized me from the splatter shoot! As far as the bike, Brandon and I plan on doing a photo shoot with it and then selling it!”

9) Colby Melvin’s 2013


In December, we caught up with Colby to discuss some of his 2013 initiatives. In the interview, he talked about how he was planning on using Colbra Entertainment as a way to promote positive, fun nightlife.  “Colbra Entertainment started because we (Colby and Brandon) were getting national bookings. We recruited some go-go dancers and other underwear models for events. The Colbra name has a certain connotation for the kinds of dancers you will get. We’re more focused on entertainment value versus overt sexuality. When I came out and entered into the gay community, I noticed a need to explore sexual expression without crossing the line of taste in certain nightlife venues.”

8) A Special Coming Out Day Message From Colby, Brandon, and Cory

For National Coming Out Day this year, Colby teamed up with his fiancé Brandon and best friend Cory Lee to let people know they were not alone, and encourage them to come out.

7) Cory and Brandon cook for Colby’s birthday

Last year, Brandon Brown hosted a cooking show. In one segment, he cooked a surprise meal for Colby, and Cory Lee tagged along.

6) Colby By Antonio Pulgarin


In this series of Colby Melvin photos, Pulgarin aims to highlight beauty and strength: the qualities of Adonis. You’ll see both in these photos, but the journey of the series also unveils a more vulnerable side of this Adonis. In modern times, the Greek god’s name is applied to young, handsome youths that possess a standard of superior beauty and strength, and you best believe he found it in Colby Melvin! “Colby Melvin, to me, embodies the modern day Adonis but his beauty is reminiscent of the classical Greek Adonis as well,” says Pulgarin.

5) Boxers or Briefs

For this popular series, Colby Melvin interviewed everyday people on the street about — what else? their underwear. He also got the scoop on their relationships and lives behind closed doors.

4) Colby and Brandon in Timoteo


Colby and Brandon got together for a joint shoot with photographer Paul Boulon, sporting Timoteo underwear in a series of sexy, sophisticated lifestyles and portraits. With a mix of photos in color as well as black and white, more up-close intimate shots and relaxed moments of the models enjoying a couple beers after a hard day at work, Boulon’s series shows off many sides to Colby and Brandon that we hadn’t seen before.

3) Colby and Brandon’s Engagement Photos


When we uncovered these Colby Melvin-Brandon Brown engagement photos, we were excited to share them. These shots by Gabriel Gastelum are the sort we’ll want to return to again and again—almost as though they’re bound in some sort of engagement photo album that Colby and Brandon are kind enough to set out on the coffee table whenever we drop by for tea. Even with the two hunky lovebirds seated right in front of us, we’d take a few moments every time just to flip through these heartwarming photos.

2) Colby at White Party

Colby Melvin and beau Brandon Brown attended this year’s White Party in Palm Springs. The twenty-fourth annual event drew LGBT men and women and family and friends from around the world to the southern California resort town for pool parties, performances, and, as was the case this year, interviews about underwear! Colby tracked down some party-goers and asked them about their White Party swim apparel; the video also gives you a glimpse into both the day and nighttime activities of the weekend event.

1) Colby by Rick Day


Colby, who has done everything in his underwear from getting splattered with paint to telling his encouraging, personal story about coming out, posed for Rick Day for our first exclusive gallery of 2013. Colby is wearing Andrew Christian underwear and in one pic, you can see his “INTERN” tattoo from the day he spent interning at NewNowNext!