7 Underwear Brands Inspired By Pop Art

pop art

On November 11, Lady Gaga will release her album “ArtPop,” a title that no doubt finds its roots embedded in Andy Warhol’s Pop Art movement. The statue featured on the cover of her CD was created by the contemporary artist, Jeff Koons.

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Similarly, art has found a way to inspire the collections of many underwear brands. The photo above is the Alpha + Omega Pop Art brief. If the design looks familiar– it should. If you compare the brief to the art of Mondrian, the similarities are obvious. That said, some brands have invited graphic artists, local artists, and tattooers to design underwear using their signature/unique styles.

Check out our gallery below of 7 brands who have embraced pop art in their underwear. Did we miss your favorite? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Stoneman, Baskit, Alpha and Omega, Muchachomalo, American Apparel, Sleepy Jones, Pull-In

For more information about these brands: Stoneman, Baskit, Alpha and Omega, Muchachomalo, American Apparel, Pull-In

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