Anonymous Men in Classic Underwear Polaroids



In September, photographer Wadley Wadley shared an exclusive polaroid editorial with us featuring Terry Miller in classic underwear styles from Mr. Turk. In those photos, Miller, husband to advocate and media personality Dan Savage, gives a taste of exactly how exceptional tailored and well made swimwear can make a man look.

Exclusive: Terry Miller’s “Cool” Polaroid Editorial

Wadley shares a new set of photos, this time featuring anonymous men lounging in classic underwear and swimwear pieces. This extended editorial also features Mr. Turk swimwear as well as Calvin Klein Underwear and Emporio Armani. Featuring a variety of zany, masculine and romantic settings, the story is yours to make.

What story can you take from these images, and what classic underwear do you prefer at the center of yours? Let us know which #underwear is your leading character on Twitter; sound off here.

Photo Credit: Wadley Wadley

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