Shirtless Colin Farrell Takes a Hike in Calvin Klein Underwear

This summer we’ve been fortunate enough to catch several shirtless Colin Farrell sightings in LA, where the Irish-born actor pads around in constant pursuit of fitness. We even saw him wearing this very pair of track pants on his way home from yoga class back in June. It’s always comforting to see stars sporting the same rags on the regular, just like the rest of us!

This time, Colin was spotted hiking in LA with his sister, soaking up the rays up top while keeping his legs covered from the brush. Colin’s matching black Calvin Klein Underwear peeks out from beneath his athletic pants. With his pants and underwear both in black with white accents, it’s almost as if Colin was after some sort of¬†camouflage effect. Fortunately for us, we’ve got lazer focus when it comes to underwear. Some people head into the wilderness for bird watching, we go searching for underwear (naturally).

Check out more photos of Colin in his Calvins and let us know if you’d don the same style for an outdoor adventure of your own!

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Photo Credit: Just Jared