Love Thy Speedo: 65% of Beachgoers Approve the Banana Hammock


banana hammock top

Results released from Expedia’s second annual Flip Flop Report showed that beachgoers around the world are more inclined than ever to strap on the banana hammock and show off some skin. Just over 8,000 beachgoers around the world participated in the survey, which covered everything from SPF to topless tanning.

The global Speedo approval rating came in at a whopping 65%, with some countries like France (of course) coming in at a far higher approval rating of 91%. Meanwhile, Americans were divisive as ever with 52% in favor of the snug fit swimwear and 48% responding that Speedos don’t leave quite enough to the imagination. Guess we can forget about passing any Speedo related legislation through Congress.

Germans proved most inclined to take a dip, with 90% saying they swim while enjoying a day at the beach. Incidentally, Germans were also the most likely to sunbathe au naturale, with %17 saying they’d stripped down to soak up sun in the sand. American’s meanwhile, ever the explorers, ranked walking on the beach as their most popular activity. Hopefully they’ve got their tote bags in hand, as Americans were also most concerned about petty theft with 54% ranking it their biggest fear on the beach.

Check out the infographic below for more from Expedia’s survey of the world’s beach bums!


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Photo Credits: Expedia, ES Collection.