Indecent Ink: 12 Tattooed Guys Exposed

What is it about tattooed guys in their underwear? When the body acts as a canvas for both ink and underwear, the combination is positively intoxicating. That being the case, we’re ready for a bender. We put together a dozen of our favorite inked-up underwear models showing off their decorated skin and branded waistbands.

From young and irreverent to ripped and statuesque, our favorite tattooed guys in underwear all know a thing or two about attitude. It can be easy to get lost behind the ink, but these men wear their ink and underwear with a certain authoritative style. Whether chilling out with a contemplative look or screaming into the camera, these guys are definitely in control.

Check out twelve of our favorite tattooed guys in underwear and let us know whose body art you’d want padding around your salon!

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For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Mr. Turk, Navy Diver, Emporio Armani, Rufskin, Diesel, Andrew Christian.

Photo Credits: Undergear, Gavin Harrison, The Navy Diver, Mr. Turk, Charles Quiles, Didio, Scott Hoover, Rufskin, Greg Vaughan, Damon Bakes, Darren Black.

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