Peter Pretty: Venus as a Boy

Peter Pretty

Peter Pretty

Our favorite pretty boy is back , and he is inviting us into his bedroom. Last time photographer Troy Wise captured Peter Pretty, Peter gave us a cavity with a sweet as candy shoot featuring an assortment of colorful briefs and pastel backgrounds. In a new Rick Guzman-styled shoot entitled “Venus as a Boy” for IA Privee Editon’s fourth issue, Peter isn’t all smiles.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love. She was well known for seducing any man she wanted. Invoking the spirit of goddess, Peter exudes masculine confidence and sexuality as he tempts you with his come hither stare. Tugging at his white WJ-Raw AussieBum jock, Peter rolls around your grandmother’s favorite carpet, lays up against dressers, and relaxes on top of a brown leather couch.

Care to spend a moment with Peter in his bedroom? Check out all the seductive pics from the shoot below and let us know.

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Photo Credit: Troy Wise

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