5 Celebrities Not Afraid to Go Commando


Whether you’re the college student excited for your three month vacation or the person who is just dying to show off that rock hard body he or she has been working on all year, everyone has different reasons for welcoming summer with open arms. But, let’s be real, summer can be a freaking scorcher, especially for those living in tropical areas or residential greenhouses like New York City. Sometimes the only warm feelings a person can have towards summer are the physical ones brought on by heat stroke.

When it comes to underwear, there are certain fabrics, such as modal, that are great for moisture absorbency and keeping your junk cool during these dog days. But keeping your junk cool can be as easy as not wearing any underwear at all. Yes fellas, summer can be the time to, in the words of our favorite Korean pop sensation Psy, “oppan ‘commando’ style.”

One of our favorite celebrities who isn’t afraid of going au naturale is Taylor Lautner. In honor of his summer flick Grown Ups 2 coming to theaters July 12, we have decided to revisit our favorite Taylor Lautner commando pic as well as put together some celebrities who are more than likely letting it all hang out this summer.

Photo Credit: MaleCelebNews, Pacific Coast News, The Sun, Inquisitr, Digital Spy