Trevor Donovan In Bed And More TV Star Underwear Sightings

It was a great week for TV Star Underwear Sightings on and off the tube, including a sexy Trevor Donovan underwear spread, Ryan Lochte underwater, and so much more.

Whether stripping down for an editorial photo shoot, pulling on speedos for a race in the pool, or even getting chained up from the ceiling, these dudes really went the distance this week when it came to stripping down for the camera.

Check out our guide to this week’s TV Star Underwear Sightings and let us know who you think rocked them best!

Former 90210 stud Trevor Donovan posed in Emporio Armani underwear for Glamoholic magazine, a publication we have to say was not previously on our radar. But these photos of Trevor are certainly reason enough to start thumbing through.

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Wil Traval was primed for some vehicular sex on Red Widow, though his partner showed more interest in checking her mobile device than climbing in behind the wheel. The nerve!

Or could it be that Wil wasn’t prepared with the right pair of undies for the occasion?? Disaster!


Bryce Johnson was caught with his pants down in black boxer briefs on Anger Management. We’re not sure why she’s mad at it either, Bryce. We’re certainly not.


Oh, Ryan. The season’s only just begun and already you’re giving us the eyes in your boxer briefs. What Would Ryan Lochte Do? indeed.

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We’ve all seen Mr. Lochte in his natural underwater habitat, but we can always use a refresher. Yup, that’s the stuff..


Finally we caught a sneak peek of the Arrow finale, which apparently finds Stephen Amell chained up in  leather pants. We can only imagine what sort of underwear (if any) can possibly fit underneath them. Hopefully the kind that protect him from extreme danger!

Uh oh, where’d they guy come from?! He doesn’t look very nice. Hang in there Stephen! Oh right, you’ve got no choice.

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Photo Credits: Male Celeb News