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WARNING: These Kirill Dowidoff photos are going to immediately put you in a good mood or at least get you to the gym. Or both. We recommend reading and viewing slowly, and take no responsibility for overheated laptops.

Kirill Dowidoff is a 21-year-old Russian model that you probably haven’t heard of just yet, but if our model sensors are any indication, he’ll be everywhere real soon. The Moscow resident has the physique of a Roman god, the accent of a home-grown Russian, and a “I have no idea how attractive I really am” personality. He’s the newest face of ES Collection, having posed with a live tiger and other wild animals for one of their more recent photo shoots (see the photos at the end of this post) and a popular subject of Russian photographers, obviously.

Our interest was immediately peaked when we stumbled on the above mentioned photos. Could there really be a 21 year old Adonis Russian model with boy next door looks and an accent that has the balls to pose with lions?! Turns out, yes, there is such a thing. He’s also openly bisexual and in an open relationship. This guy’s a real unicorn.

We spoke with Kirill via Facebook about his career, who he shares his bed with and his other hobbies and passions, which are all pretty much as endearing as possible. The interview has been moderately edited since our in-house translator was on vacation (we don’t really have an in-house translator). Check out the Kirill Dowidoff pictures below after the interview and let us know if you’re team Dowidoff like we are.

The Underwear Expert: How long have you been modeling?

Kirill: I started working as a model six months ago.

UX: Where are you from?

Kirill: Russia.

UX: How did you start modeling?

Kirill: I saw photos on the social networking page of agent Andrei Roots. I was invited to a casting. I began to work in the modeling industry and was developed. In January, I was invited to work as the face of ES Collection. I had great photo shoots with photo artist Joan Crisol.

UX: Where have you traveled, and which place do you love most?

Kirill: I’ve started to travel. I already visited Madrid, Milan, Italy and Vinetsiya, I love Barcelona.

UX: Are you single?

Kirill: I am not alone. I have a boyfriend and girlfriend! He he….

UX: What’s your favorite food?

Kirill: I travel a lot. I like good tasty food. Preference is given to meat and seafood, but in general I like Russian food.

UX: How do you stay in shape?

Kirill: I love cardio and weightlifting. I’m doing it now for 60 minutes a day.

UX: What’s the best, strangest modeling experience you’ve ever had?

Kirill: The most interesting experience in modeling I’ve had is this for sure: When we shot with the animals for ES Collection, the tiger was like a cat–so sweet and gentle–but he did not expect my modeling and jumped on me and knocked me down.

UX: What’s your favorite brand of underwear?

Kirill: My favorite brand is now ES Collection. Very stylish and high quality stuff.

UX: Do you do anything besides modeling?

Kirill: I am a student at the university, doing vocals. And I love the production of the musicals and to participate in them.

Hold your breath, because with these killer Kirill Dowidoff photos you won’t be coming up for air for a while.

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Kirill Dowidoff Photos 017

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 018

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 019

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 020

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 021

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 022.1

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 022

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 023

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 024

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 025

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 026

Kirill Dowidoff Photos 027

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Kirill Dowidoff Photos 029

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Photo Credit: Vogit Sergey, Ruslan Elquest, Alex Beco, Artem Subbotin, Serge Lee, Mitya Nevsky, Joan Crisol, ES Collection

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