10 Times to Go Commando

Here at The Underwear Expert, we rarely promote non-underwear wearing. Jocks, briefs, trunks – there are so many great styles of undergarments that we have trouble imagining wanting to go without. With over 300 underwear brands in the world producing a nearly infinite combination of colors, fabrics and looks, we’d rather focus on trying as many pairs as we can rather than wasting our days sans-undergarment. All that being said, there are a few times when we think it’s appropriate to go commando. We’ve listed ten of those opportunities below. Check out our list, and let us know when you think its OK to go commando.

10. Swimwear

This one might be too obvious, but it’s a point worth making. That trend of wearing underwear under your swimwear? We’re not huge on it. Ideally, your swimwear would be comfortable and stylish enough to wear without undies.

9. Laundry Day

We think it’s best to wear underwear, but we hate the thought of wearing it two days in a row. In this instance, going commando is the lesser of two evils.

8. Certain Athletics

Are you a runner? A biker? A wrestler? Some sports come with their own special garments and don’t require underwear.

7. You’re Michelangelo’s David

If you happen to be the most famous sculpture in Florence, you don’t need briefs.

6. You’re Jon Hamm

Yeah he should really wear underwear, but he’s Jon Hamm. So whatever.

5. Pajamas

The whole point of sleepwear is to keep you modest and comfortable while you snooze. Don’t want to wear underwear? Don’t worry about it.

4. Hospitals

Doctors know what they’re doing. If you’re wearing a hospital gown, there’s a good chance trying on a new jock isn’t a high priority.

3. Sarongs

You don’t need to wear undies if you’re rocking a sarong. Go big or go home!

2. Kilts

A true Scotsman wouldn’t wear anything beneath his kilt. You are a true Scotsman, aren’t you?

1. You’re a superhero

If you’re a superhero, you don’t have to wear underwear beneath your spandex. If you’re Superman, however, we still recommend you wear red briefs.

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