Vincent Joulia Caught in the Headlights

Vincent Joulia Image

Many of us who were conscious in the late 90s were at least somewhat influenced by Radiohead. Ok Computer remains one of the defining albums of that era. Photographer Sylvain Norget is, perhaps, still entranced by the 1997 album: his gallery of Vincent Joulia photos has debts to the famous music video for Karma Police.

We see Vincent Joulia from the driver’s seat of a car. He is standing in the middle of a dark road and our headlights are fixed on him. As we drive closer, he begins to strip down to his Calvin Klein Underwear. It’s a well shot, eerie gallery of the French model. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think of Vincent’s deer-in-the-headlights modeling.

Vincent Joulia 3

Vincent Joulia 2

Vincent Joulia 4

Vincent Joulia 6

Vincent Joulia 5

Vincent Joulia 1

For more information about this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Sylvain Norget

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