5 TV Star Underwear Sightings


The dry season is over! For the next two months, new TV shows will be debuting and old TV shows will be coming back for another season. Whether you’re a Community geek or a Mad Men maniac, the wait for new episodes will soon be over. To celebrate the season of premieres, we made a list of 5 TV star underwear or swimwear sightings that we’re likely to see again this year! Have a look at our picks below, and let us know what you’ll be watching this spring.

5. Hugh Dancy in Hannibal

TV Star Underwear Hugh Dancy

That’s right – they’re making a TV show based on the life of the villain from The Silence of the Lambs (fans of the Carthaginian general are once again disappointed). Hannibal Lecter has been the focus of four books and five films. Now he’s got a show. Keep an eye out for the handsome Hugh Dancy.

4. Kevin Bacon in The Following

TV Star Underwear Kevin Bacon

Kevin Williamson, guy who wrote Scream and The Vampire Diaries, is back with an FBI drama/horror/thriller series. Kevin Bacon leads the cast and we’re hoping we get some quality underwear sightings from the six degrees subject.

3. Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead 

TV Star Underwear Andrew Lincoln

Do you like Zombies? Good. Do you like Andrew Lincoln? Even better. The Walking Dead has only gotten better since it first debuted and you can bet that we’ll be in front of our TV’s for its return on February 13th.

2. Joel McHale in Community

TV Star Underwear Joel Mchale

Community might be on its way out, so be sure to enjoy it while the Greendale Community College is still around. Joel McHale and his well-kept body are always good for an underwear sighting or two. We’re betting we get at least one more.

1. Jon Hamm in Mad Men

TV Star Underwear Jon Hamm

He might not wear underwear in real life, but Jon Hamm rocks some serious boxers on Mad Men. Three things we can count on this season: Sterling will struggle with his age, Peggy will drink herself silly and Don will take his shirt off and have a beer.

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  1. Why would “Community” be on it’s way out? Just premiered to great numbers for NBC. I hate when bloggers offer opinions with no basis in reality….

  2. Community’s most recent airing rated in adult 18-49 (most coveted by advertisers) a 1.2 share and it was seen by 2.76 million people total. Now NBC overall isn’t doing all that great with the exception of the voice/revolution and football so I myself figure Community is a toss up for renewal. But it premiered to a 1.9 18-49 share (good but not great) and then fell to the 1.2 we have now.

    If it doesn’t recover it could be a goner. The blogger’s opinion I’m afraid is based in reality.

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