Top 10 Underwear Animated GIFS!!

Here at The Underwear Expert, there’s not much we love more than a great underwear photo. If only they were animated! We scowered the web for underwear gifs and brought you our top 10 favorites. Have time to kill at work? Just make sure your boss isn’t behind you. Some of these are funny, some are sexy and some are simply can’t-miss. Check out these underwear gifs below then let us know which is your favorite. WARNING: There’s a whole lot of Gif on this page; scroll slowly to see your favorites boogy down.

10. Zac Efron Dancing in Underwear

Underwear Gifs Zac Efron

Zac shows his moves in our favorite scene from The Paperboy. Whitey tighties + Zac Efron + rain = best gif ever.

9. Briefs on the BeachUnderwear Gifs Beach

It’s not quite the scene from Casino Royale, but we’re still impressed.

8. Puck from GleeUnderwear Gifs Puck

Everyone’s favorite Glee badboy (you know, the Glee version of a badboy) has that devil-may-care attitude that people love. Props on matching your socks to your undies, Puck.

7. Patrick from SpongeBobUnderwear Gifs Patrick

Because who doesn’t love SpongeBob?

6. Harry Styles of One DirectionUnderwear Gifs One Direction

Harry shows off his Tommy Hilfiger underwear backstage. Those boys sure do have fun.

5. Seinfeld creator Larry DavidUnderwear Gifs Larry David

Presented without comment.

4. Colby MelvinUnderwear Gifs Colby Melvin

Our model of the year shows off an Andrew Christian jockstrap. Lookin’ good, Colby.

3. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Underwear Gifs American Psycho

He might be out of his mind, but you have to give him some credit for that morning workout routine.

2. American Apparel selections

Underwear Gifs American Apparel

White? Gray? Black? Maybe try some new colors. American Apparel paints a gif rainbow with its briefs.

1. Adam Levine

Underwear Gifs Adam Levine

He loves his underwear and we love him for it. This was even one of our top 5 favorite Adam Levine moments!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, American Apparel, Benaroya Pictures, Fox, iGossip, Lions Gate, One Direction

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