Pump Athletic Winter Range Sports New Looks

Pump Athletic Winter Range

Pump releases new styles and colors inspired by a variety of different sports. Now available, the Pump athletic winter collection consists of the Hockey Jock ($21), Touchdown Patriot Trunk ($32), Red Jock ($21), Blue Jock ($21) and Touchdown Boxer Panther ($32).

From football to hockey, Pump draws its design inspiration from mainstream sports and incorporates athletic inspired colors, materials and cuts into its sexy collections.

The Hockey Jock is a white jockstrap made from a ribbed nylon/cotton blend. The cup is accented with red stitching and blue piping while the elastic waistband is wide, bright red. The band is also soft yet sturdy, with ultimate stretchability and hold. 

Pump Athletic Winter Range Hockey Jock

The Touchdown Boxer Patriot is made from high quality ultra comfortable sporty white mesh with a full cotton double-lined cup. The cup is accented with blue piping and red stitching. The wide waistband is blue while the legs have their own stripped red, white and blue elastic.

 Pump Athletic Winter Touchdown Boxer

Touchdown Boxer Panther features a cup accented with blue piping and blue stitching. This boxer brief is made with high quality ultra comfortable sporty black mesh with a full cotton double-lined cup. The waistband is blue with a black Pump logo.

Pump Athletic Winter Range Panther Trunk
The Blue and Red Jocks are made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex. The cup is accented with white stitching while the waistband features the brand’s logo in white.

 Pump Athletic Winter Red Jock

Pump Athletic Winter Range

The Pump athletic winter collection is available in S-L.

For more information about this brand: Pump

Photo Credit: Pump

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