Australian Footballers at the Beach and More Celeb Undies

Australian Footballers at the Beach Image

Last week in celebrity underwear sightings, we saw what happens when you get a bunch of Aussie athletes together for a day in the sun. The Australian footballers at the beach donned various sleek swim trunks and briefs for some fun in the surf. Ben Kennedy, Brodie Grundy, Luke Ball, Travis Cloke, Quentin Lynch, Clinton Young, Dane Swanand and Tim Broomhead all play football by Australian rules, and they all clearly know how to have a good time.

We also saw Madonna’s Brahim Zaibat who showed us how great a pair of boxer shorts can look. If you’re not much of a trunk man and you find briefs to be a little too tight, this is how you want your shorts to fit.

Finally, we saw Booboo Stewart climbing into a car and giving us peek at his blue boxers. This would be fine, if his athletic pants weren’t black. You don’t have to coordinate your undergarments with your outfit, but you could at least try to make them not clash. It’s just a sloppy look.

Check out all of the celebrity underwear sightings below, including an obviously confused Stephen Dorff, who seems to think that airport security requires you to take your shirt off.

Photo Credit: Male Celeb News, Boxers or Briefs