Kristiina Wilson Captures Chris Garavaglia

Kristiina Wilson Chris Garavaglia03

In an industry that doesn’t usually see too many female artists, photographer Kristiina Wilson has been doing some amazing work! In a photo shoot featuring Chris Garavaglia for Calvin Klein Underwear, Wilson shows off her photography skills nicely.

In addition to her more popular and stylistically abstract photography, which features unique and nonconformist fashion and settings, photographer Kristiina Wilson also shows her talent in capturing bold, sexy and masculine underwear model Chris Garavaglia. Playing towards her trademark style of breaking away from more mainstream modeling themes, her work has featured unique innovations in fashion, striking angles and photo settings, as well as repeated use of seemingly candid athletic and sexual action shots.

Her work in men’s underwear through this photo shoot, however, seems to be a stylish change for her because of it’s bold simplicity. In this shoot with Chris Garavaglia, she seems to strip away all of her flashy stylings, as well as Garvaglia’s clothes, to create a strikingly masculine and sexy shoot to promote Calvin Klein Underwear.

Check out the pics below and let us know what you think! You can find more of Kristiina Wilson’s work here.

For more information on the featured brand: Calvin Klein Underwear


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