FBI Agent in Undies and Other Celebrity Underwear Sightings

FBI Agent in Undies

Usually in celebrity underwear sightings, we see famous people who are caught with their pants down. This week, however, we see someone who really wasn’t all that famous until he showed his underwear. That’s right – an FBI agent in undies. FBI Special Agent Frederick Humphries took his shirt off and showed everyone his underwear waistline for a photo that he sent in an email.

Beyond the FBI agent in undies, we also spotted “Friday Night Lights” actor Matt Lauria in wet boxers. He was clearly going for a spontaneous dip when he was caught on camera. He looks pretty good, although judging by his facial expression, we’re betting he’s cold.

Eric Close was spotted stripping down for a show called “Where the Bears Are.” Check out the photo then take a wild guess what the show is about.

Other celebrity underwear sightings this week included Chad Sanders and Callum Blue. Callum got his start on “The Tudors,” which has its fair share of stripping. He’s spotted here in a 2007 film wearing a checked pair of boxer briefs.

Check out the gallery below and let us know who you thought looked the best this week!

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs