Andrew Christian Nano Fit Adds Some Style

by The Underwear Expert

Andrew Christian updates its popular Nano Fit collection with three new styles. Available early December, the Andrew Christian Nano Fit collection will soon include the Nano Fit Breakwater Boxer ($26), Nano Fit Teaser Brief ($25) and Nano Fit Teaser Jock ($23).

The Andrew Christian Nano Fit collection provides a variety of color combinations and design features. The Nano Fit Breakwater Boxer comes in black or navy blue with either purple or light blue piping beneath the metallic waistband and around the leg openings. The Nano Fit Hit Teaser Brief and Nano Fit Teaser Jock come in black with light blue contrasting and a V-shaped cut out beneath the front center of the waistband.

“The color combinations are phenomenal,” Chris Yoo, sales director for Andrew Christian, told The Underwear Expert. “The black and the purple with the silver waistband is super cute. The collection will fit lower on the waist; that’s why it’s called Nano Fit. For the Teaser Brief and Jock, our fans have been asking for something a little more flirtatious and hopefully they like this concept.”

The Nano Fit collection includes several features that make the brief, boxer brief and jock extremely comfortable. The collection is made from an ultra soft micro-modal fabric, which consists of 93% rayon and 7% spandex for great stretch and recovery. What’s more, the low-rise profile design comes with fitted leg opening to help eliminate bunching. The range also features Andrew Christian’s anatomically correct pouch.

The range is available in XS-XL.

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Nano Fit Breakwater Boxer ($26)

Andrew Christian Nano Fit Breakwater Boxer Black

Nano Fit Teaser Jock ($23)

Andrew Christian Nano Fit Teaser Jock Black

Nano Fit Teaser Brief ($25)

Andrew Christian Nano Fit Teaser Brief Black

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian


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