10 Hottest Men’s Underwear Models and Celebrities


Here at The Underwear Expert, we come across a lot of models and celebrities in underwear. It’s great that so many of these guys share a passion for high quality men’s underwear (and showing it to us), but as in everything else, some just do it better–and people take notice. The cream always rises to the top and we wanted to give our readers a taste of its rich, frothy goodness. The hottest underwear models and celebrities are about to get some recognition. That’s right–we’re talking about the 10 hottest names in men’s underwear.

Like Nate Silver’s algorithm for predicting the election results, our methods for determining the 10 hottest names in men’s underwear are highly technical and complicated. We won’t bore you with the details, but we assure you that the mathematics behind these decisions were scientifically sound.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the 10 hottest men’s underwear models and celebrities – in no particular order:

Colby Melvin

Colby Melvin Hottest Underwear Models

From his Andrew Christian modeling to his exclusive work with The Underwear Expert, Colby Melvin is definitely one of the hottest underwear models out there. We can’t get enough of the Southern Beau’s charming smile, handsome eyes and boy-next-door modeling skills.

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez Hottest Underwear Models

An alumnus of The Underwear Expert’s modeling crew, Pablo Hernandez has become one of the hottest underwear models thanks to his incredible hair, his quiet gaze and his unshaven good looks. From exclusive work for The Underwear Expert to  his modeling for West Phillips, Pablo has become a face people recognize and want to see over and over again.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Hottest Underwear Models

The teenage pop prince isn’t an underwear model but he might as well be. The guy seems to be dropping trou every time we see him. One minute, he’s singing at a concert – the next he’s showing off his Calvins. As a star who can’t seem to keep his pants on, Justin is a must-mention when we’re talking about men’s underwear photos.

Julian Gabriel

Julian Gabriel Hottest Underwear Models

Any list of the hottest underwear models would be remise to not name the cover man for DNA Magazine’s sexiest men alive issue. Julian Gabriel had a fantastic year modeling for many brands and well-known photographers. His swoopy hair and chiseled body seem to make any brand more appealing.

David Beckham

David Beckham Hottest Underwear Models

Even people that don’t follow men’s underwear are probably aware that David Beckham has his own line. The man is everywhere from the Cliffs of Dover to the streets of New York and L.A. A star athlete that owns and designs his own line of underwear, models for it and still finds time to dominate the MLS? Yeah, he belongs on this list.

William Levy

William Levy Hottest Underwear Models

Ever since he was on Dancing with the Stars, William Levy has attracted more and more mainstream attention. As soon as people realized that there were some extremely revealing shots of Levy from his modeling days, he now creeps to the forefront of people’s minds whenever the words “underwear model” are mentioned. He might have only won third place on the show, but do you remember the guy that won first? We don’t either.

Zac Efron

Much like Bieber, Zac Efron is definitely not camera shy. If you saw The Paperboy, you were privy to several scenes in which the ex-Disney prodigy hung out in nothing more than a pair of whitey tighties. Efron has even talked about how he picked out his underwear for the movie. Plus, he just seems like a nice guy. How could we not include him?

Brandon Robert Brown

Another Andrew Christian model, Brandon Robert Brown, has become one of the hottest underwear models around. He first caught our attention with the Jockstrap Cowboy series, and he further charmed us with an exclusive interview. Now that he’s officially dating Colby Melvin, we’re pretty sure the duo is set to become some sort of underwear model power couple.

Quinn Jaxon

Andrew Christian clearly has an eye for talent, because a third model associated with the California based underwear brand is landing on our list. Quinn Jaxon showed us how great a jockstrap can look in his famous tractor photo, and went on to talk about go-go dancing and a whole lot more in his exclusive interview with The Underwear Expert.

Prince Harry

Yeah, Prince Harry might not be an underwear model, but he’s sure done his part for the industry. From underwear brands sending him samples to that time he stripped naked in an Las Vegas hotel room, England’s party prince never seems too far away from taking off his pants. Will we get a royal underwear line in the future? One can only hope.

Who would you add to the list of hottest underwear models and celebrities? Will any rising stars appear in our round-up next year?



  1. Justin Simpson says:

    I would’ve replaced Justin Bieber with James Guardino, love his eyes, and love that he is modeled in thongs multiple times. Otherwise this is a great list!

  2. steven dehler hottest underwear model!

  3. R Paul Lowrey says:

    Colby Melvin is absolutely with question the hottest and sexiest guy in this list. I have been following him and love every pair of undies I see him in. He is awesome!

  4. Bruce Fehlauer says:

    you lost me at Justin Bieber – sorry but yuk!!!
    Colby is gorgeous so is Brandon and Quinn

  5. Diego Miguel says:

    Quinn C. Jaxon, yes!!!! But, and Philip J. Fusco?????—-What happen? Are you crazy?

  6. Justin Bieber?????!!!Ewww

  7. JeremyESmith1 says:

    3 of my favorite underwear models are on the top ten list. I hop Jason Medina from Andrew Christian is on the list, too?

  8. MobeenShiekh says:

    Philip Fusco is above all in Men’s Underwear

  9. I think all these models are hot and gorgus I love hot men in underwear I wish I could feel their massave balls they aare my role models I would love to model underwear I love men who can reavel wha tunderwear they were tha tmakes them sexy their real men men who cant revel their underwea rwea rpanties and are whips love landon 400

  10. In love with Pablo Hernandez in underwear! He really knows how to work that well shaped body.luv!

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