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It seems like just yesterday that we were discovering Colby Melvin in an Andrew Christian underwear video and the viral Jock Strap Cowboys shoot. Now, the boy with the southern twang is back with some brand new photos, shown to readers of The Underwear Expert first! In these fresh and colorful shots, Colby wears 2(x)ist underwear as well as Andrew Christian underwear, and there’s a shot of him in jeans with a striped tank top as an added bonus. Make sure you scroll all the way down to find out what he does with his Andrew Christian underwear (hint: he doesn’t keep them on).

Mr. Melvin is obviously a handsome devil, but the man has the personality of an angel. We had an exclusive chat with him just last month and he’s also told us exactly what it’s like to be an underwear model. He broke down his day hour by hour for us in Colby Melvin: A Day in the Life. Described by photographers as “a complete gentleman” who “stands by his principles,” the Texas native is always a pleasure to have around.

The below photos are shot by Paul Boulon. Boulon’s Photography certainly brings out Colby’s charm and cheery delight and The Underwear Expert is proud to show you these shots first!

For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist

Colby Melvin 2xist underwear 1

Colby Melvin 2xist underwear 2

Colby Melvin 2xist Underwear 3

Colby Melvin 6

Colby Melvin Andrew Christian 1

Colby Melvin Andrew Christian 2

Colby Melvin Andrew Christian 3

Colby Melvin Andrew Christian 4

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