Schoeller iLoads Prescriptions into Underwear

Would you put on underwear that doubles as a chemical delivery system? Swiss textile giant Schoeller bets you will, and has spun off a subsidiary devoted to producing what they think is the next huge trend in both the biotechnology and textile industries — medical underwear.  The underwear, made with a fabric known as iLoad, […]

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Stormy Weather for Pacific Brands

The Australian company, responsible for the Bonds, Rio and Slazenger underwear labels has posted a $362.4 million loss for the past two quarters, much higher than expected. They attribute this deficit to the fact that Kmart, with whom they had partnered to carry the popular Bonds brand chucked it overboard in favor of in-house brands, […]

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MAGIC Trade Show Coverage

The MAGIC trade show was a great experience for The Underwear Expert’s editorial team.  We met some great designers and representatives from brands all over the world and learned about some fantastic new things happening in the men’s underwear industry and fashion in general.  The Underwear Expert has some very exciting things happening on the […]

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HanesBrands Posts Solid 2011 Earnings

When there is movement in the underwear sector, The Underwear Expert takes notice. HanesBrands, one of the largest mass-market underwear manufacturers, just released its quarterly fiscal results, and its a pretty solid package. Their overall earnings increased by 7% from 2010. “We achieved record earnings and sales in 2011 with strong performance in several of […]

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GOOD CAUSE: Cupid’s Undie Run

If you’re looking for a respectable way to show off your nicest pair of underwear this Valentine’s Day, train your arrow on Cupid’s Undie Run, a charity event held the Saturday before Valentine’s Day in six major cities across the country including New York, Seattle and Atlanta. The run is more or less a mile […]

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Bruno Banani: Fact or Fiction

German newspaper Der Spiegel broke a story last week that has athletes, marketing professionals, and underwear experts the world over scratching their luge helmets. Bruno Banani, who bears the same name as the German underwear company Bruno Banani, seemed to be the star of a real-life fairy tale. In a plot that could have only been […]

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What Lies Beneath

Carin King, one of Europe’s foremost style consultants, wrote an excellent article on men’s underwear for The Huffington Post UK this Wednesday, January 25. She delves into the underdog status of men’s underwear and offers her advice on how to keep your underwear drawer classy. “They have helped make stars and history, formed political fashions and pharaohs’ […]

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Beckham Sleeps in Boxer Briefs, Plays in Briefs..

David Beckham sat down with The Telegraph UK over the weekend to open up about his forthcoming H&M line, his daughter Harper, and why he prefers briefs during the day and boxer briefs at night: ‘Briefs… are what I mostly wear. When playing, definitely.’ Boxer short-wise, he confesses admiration for those that Mark ‘Marky Mark’ […]

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