Top 10 Moments in Underwear History

Underwear hasn’t been in the spotlight for as long as, say, Justin Bieber’s haircut, but it sure has earned its place in history. From celebrities showing more than they should to brushes with the law, the pair you put on this morning could be a result of a moment that changed the trajectory of human life as we know it.

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David Beckham: Emporio Armani (then), H&M (now)

With all the hoopla surrounding David Beckham’s Bodyware line for H&M and the excitement leading up to his Super Bowl commercial, it’s easy to forget that David Beckham is no stranger at all to the underwear industry. Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) have modeled in a number of successful underwear campaigns for […]

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Beckham Sleeps in Boxer Briefs, Plays in Briefs..

David Beckham sat down with The Telegraph UK over the weekend to open up about his forthcoming H&M line, his daughter Harper, and why he prefers briefs during the day and boxer briefs at night: ‘Briefs… are what I mostly wear. When playing, definitely.’ Boxer short-wise, he confesses admiration for those that Mark ‘Marky Mark’ […]

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