Underwear Confession Submission


Mom walk in on you sniffing your underwear while listening to Celine Dion last night? Do you like to sit on your counters in just your underwear when no one’s home… and then make dinner on them? Did Jenny from the block run up and pants you from behind when you were six and you haven’t told anybody yet? Do you secretly love to try on your sister’s underwear?!

What’s your underwear confession? Or maybe you just have a must-tell, crazy underwear story? Either way, we want to hear it! We’re collecting scandalous stories from across the globe about our reader’s craziest underwear stories to be published in a new feature.

Tell us your juicy stories by submitting below, and don’t forget to include an underwear #selfie while you’re at it!

Submission Notes:

  • Please include name, age, twitter handle and a story no more than 200 words.
  • By sending your story you agree to let us publish.
  • If you prefer we use a pseudonym, let us know! We’ll keep your secret for you.
  • Stories are published at Editor’s discretion.
  • No Rated X stories will be considered.
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Terms and Conditions

Photo Credit: Jorge Freire and Abel Cruz

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