More About Wood Underwear

Founded in 2012 by Terresa Zimmerman, Wood Underwear is a California-based underwear brand that targets men 18-35 with hip, youthful designs and soft fabrics. While all Wood Underwear products are originally made with a cotton blend for its comfort and performance, the brand has been moving towards using all wood-based fabrics explaining that that they “are incredibly soft and more fully supportive of [the] brand.”

The brand started out offering its signature Wood boxer brief but has since added new collections. Wood Underwear plans to feature collections in modal cotton blends, as well as bamboo cotton after that.

Zimmerman also serves as creative director of Wood Underwear and follows two simple guidelines: “It’s got to look good. Its got to be comfortable.” In addition to those main two, Wood Underwear aims to provide a straightforward and approachable design “with a sense of style and a lot of fun.” Zimmerman, who supposedly named the brand due to her love of the outdoors (and apparent love of double entendres), believes in gearing her brand towards the everyday guy.

Current designs of the Wood Underwear boxer brief come in bold, more masculine colors such as orange, black, navy blue and white. The Wood Underwear boxer brief is also designed with contour fit, a closed front pouch and fabric that doesn’t ride up on the legs. While utilizing a mainstream look than any man can enjoy, Wood Underwear finds true value in practical underwear.