Loaded Questions with Todd Sanfield

Todd Sanfield is a model and underwear designer, and if that weren’t enough, he’s half way through pharmacy school, too. You wouldn’t know all that just by looking at him, though (or would you?) We ask Todd some loaded questions and, because we know you’d be mad if we didn’t, we’ve included some shots from his recent photo shoot with Rick Day for DNA Magazine.

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More About The Todd Sanfield Collection

When Todd Sanfield is not dazzling us in front of the camera or studying for pharmaceuticals, he acts as the founder and creative designer for his very own underwear brand. The Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection offers modern-day elegance, comfort, and seduction in every pair of underwear.

Founded in Detroit in 2010, the Todd Sanfield Collection targets men between the ages of 17 to 65 by giving them comfortable fabrics and stylish looks. Todd Sanfield played football, basketball, baseball and wrestled throughout his whole life. He cites his experience as an athlete as his inspiration for the look of the brand. As creative designer, Sanfield incorporates his character and preferences into the brand. The Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection currently only carries briefs and boxer briefs because they are his two favorite styles.

The Todd Sanfield Collection uses traditional 95% cotton and 5% spandex blends to present consumers with a familiar fabric that’s also comfortable. Cotton’s durability and easy-to-wash nature also makes it the perfect match for the Todd Sanfield Collection. The brand offers briefs and boxer-briefs ranging from basic black and whites to bold hot pinks. Underwear waistbands are also 100% elastic and offer a cozy fit.

Sanfield explains in an interview with The Underwear Expert that he is taking things slow when it comes to releasing new products. “The goal is to continue to improve and take it one step at a time. You want it to be as big as possible, high quality…but I’m going take it one step at a time…I’m just kind of starting, really, and learning what and who’s out there,” he stated.