Brief Greetings from Vancouver BC

Don’t look now, Australia, but you might have a competitor as a men’s underwear hotspot. Vancouver, BC, is starting to grow a whole clutch of fascinating new brands — and it’s not exactly clear why. The air? The mountains? The robust city planning? The decriminalized drugs? In any case, we’ve compiled and spoken with a handful of the Vancouverite brands for you – take a look!

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More About Sweat Collection

Sweat Collection is a fitness lifestyle underwear brand, very much aimed at the fitness devotee who wants his clothing, and underwear, to go as hard as he does. Offering a full line of briefs, trunks, and jockstraps, Sweat Collection provides all of the essentials to a great workout: comfort, performance, and high-quality materials.

If you’re an unabashed gym rat looking for an undergarment to match your intensity, Sweat Collection is what you’re looking for. The four styles of underwear Swear Collection has to offer are available in black or white only, which should not matter as you push out the last rep of a superset.