STUD Releases Spring/Summer

STUD, a brand just now breaking into the English-speaking markets, though well established in the Asia Pacific region, is releasing its Spring and Summer collections and has been carried in select stores in London and the USA since the beginning of April. Its bright, sporty designs in briefs and trunks help STUD hit the sweet spot

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Brief Greetings from Vancouver BC

Don’t look now, Australia, but you might have a competitor as a men’s underwear hotspot. Vancouver, BC, is starting to grow a whole clutch of fascinating new brands — and it’s not exactly clear why. The air? The mountains? The robust city planning? The decriminalized drugs? In any case, we’ve compiled and spoken with a handful of the Vancouverite brands for you – take a look!

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Canadian Underwear Brings Sexy Back to Baby Making

It’s long been known that tight, hot underwear decreases fertility in men.  That said, we may have just found the perfect pair of underwear for hopeful fathers looking to increase their sperm count.  Canadian fertility expert Dr. Spence Pentland and momprenuer Chantal Pentland have designed a line of underwear, STUD, in hopes of decreasing the 40% of infertility […]

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More About Stud Underwear

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Stud Underwear offers a collection of bright, sporty designs for young men. The brand’s target customer is between 25 to 35 years old who appreciate stylish and masculine designs. The brand strives to offer something different and unique for those who are not afraid to wear it proud.

Voon Lai and Jonathan Cheng founded Stud Underwear in November 2009. Stud Underwear is synonymous with innovative fabrications and signature cuts interpreted in a modern and unique way. The brand’s two most popular collections–City Degrees Series and Denim Blue–are true to that. Lai and Cheng both serve as creative directors of the brand and pride themselves for working in sync.

“What is unique about Stud Underwear is that we do not follow trends,” Cheng and Lai said in a joint statement. “Everything one sees about Stud Underwear reflects us the designers and what drives us. There is integrity, sincerity and passion in what we do and it comes through our collections. Most importantly, we enjoy what we do and have fun.”
Stud Underwear releases new collections on a seasonal basis. The brand offers low-rise trunks, briefs, jockstraps, briefs with a half open back and a mini slip with detachable magnetic clasps on either side for quick release.

Stud Underwear only uses premium fabrics that provide breathable quality, high stretchability and ultimate comfort. “Our fabrics have also been technically treated to prevent ‘bobbling’ of fibers after repeated washes,” said Cheng and Lai. “Our swimwear fabrics are Italian and have special UV protection.”