More About Papi Underwear

Papi Underwear is a men’s underwear brand, which is a division of Miami-based Isaco International, a leading menswear fashion group. “Papi” is Spanish slang for daddy and a term of endearment in the Latino community.

James Sonzero, a Los Angeles television commercial producer, founded Papi Underwear for Men in 1995. After creating commercials for mainstream products for 13 years and watching clothing trends in nightclubs, Sonzero observed void for a Latin-identified product and was poised to launch his own product line. Sonzero went on to create a niche men’s underwear collection with sexy, provocative and colorful designs.

In 2004, Miami Lakes-based Isaco International acquired Papi Underwear for Men. Isaco International is a leading manufacturer of underwear, sleepwear, ties and hosiery, most notably for the Perry Ellis brand. Today, Papi Underwear is a major competitor in the men’s underwear market and boasts a strong Latino and gay following.

Papi Underwear for Men releases several new collections—some inspired by Latino fashion trends—each season that feature vibrant colors, prints and graphics. The brand offers a wide selection of silhouettes. These include:

  • Boxer Briefs
  • Brazilian Trunks
  • Euro Briefs
  • Euro Trunks
  • Hipster Briefs
  • Jock Straps
  • Low-Rise Briefs
  • Low-Rise Trunk
  • Papi Thong Underwear

Aside from simply selling underwear, Papi Underwear is involved in various causes, especially HIV and AIDS awareness. The brand has also championed Hispanic-American causes such as education, immigration and cultural assimilation. In 2012, Papi Underwear designed a special collection of underwear to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.