More About Munsingwear Underwear

Welcome to a new type of undergarment brand. One that gets to the heart of men’s apparel without all the unnecessary gimmicks that many other companies attempt in lieu of better production. As many get caught up in the marketing and the models — more than the actual product — this is a company that breaks the mold by treading a new path that leads back to a no-nonsense approach to production and marketing. Munsingwear Underwear make great products. It’s their claim and it’s their simple attitude and approach. Their boxer briefs are the best of the best.

With many in their impressive collection produced from 100% ring spun combed cotton, the boxer briefs made by Munsingwear are available in packs of two or three. Although this sounds basic, Munsingwear Underwear have a few tricks up their sleeves, including a kangaroo pouch on their product that sits horizontally, as well as an elastic band. These are small subtleties that make them a winner for many men that favor their brand, and a reason why they have managed to forge a piece of the undergarment commercial pie that cannot be denied.