More About Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi is a brand based in Greece that offers a range of men’s underwear, beachwear, swimwear and accessories that offer a sexy spin on Greek influenced design and culture. Founded in 1989 by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bibitsos, Modus Vivendi translated from Latin means lifestyle or way of life. This interpretation defines the company’s approach to providing men with quality apparel and sexy design in order to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

“Our name reflects our design and manufacturing approach to everything we make: it is not just a product, or just a brand; it reflects a lifestyle,” the brand states in its mission statement. “And our lifestyle is this: Everything we do we do first and foremost for one reason: because we love it!”

Modus Vivendi presents a diverse range of men’s underwear styles such as briefs, jockstraps, boxer briefs and singlets as well as T-shirts. The brand also offers skirts as worn by ancient Greeks as an undergarment. Modus Vivendi draws an enormous influence from ancient Greek culture and heritage in its men’s underwear line, which is updated with new collections each month.

Modus Vivendi presents a variety of flattering shapes, sexy lines and provocative styles specifically tailored to the needs of its consumer base. The brand provides garments made from cotton or microfiber fabrics to complement its unique designs while offering an ideal fit and overall comfort.  All of the company’s items are manufactured in Greece and in Modus Vivendi’s own factories.

During the design phase, Bibitsos personally makes the first sample of each new design to ensure precise physical dimensions of each new inspiration. Additionally committed to quality control, the brand brings in models to test its new items and help Bibitsos make the necessary changes and adjustments.

The brand’s influence of ancient Greek culture is clearly defined in the brand’s marketing campaigns. Modus Vivendi offers videos and photos shot in Greece of native models partaking in various Greek customs.