EXPERT COLLECTION: Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day: It’s love and extravagance for some, fun and adventure for others. But for everyone, it’s a time to think twice about what pair to put on in the morning (or take off at night). We’ve compiled a list of our favorite made-for-Valentine’s underwear (and included some everyday favorites which work especially well on […]

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Caine Eckstein New Face of Grundies

Australian online men’s underwear company Grundies has signed ironman Caine Eckstein to be the face of their brand.  Grundies CEO Tony Vass labeled the three year partnership, “a perfect fit.”  “Caine is one of Australia’s most outstanding endurance athletes and captures the epitome of the Australian male,” says Vass.  And after doing some googling ourselves, […]

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More About Grundies

Grundies have only been around a short amount of time; but because of their founder, Tony Vass, Grundies have been able to set themselves apart from a crowded field by continually offering authentic and unique garments that are both affordable and striking. This winning combination is what keeps Grundies Underwear at the forefront of the marketplace in man’s apparel.

Australian flavor what you’re cravin’? Then look no further — Grundies has you covered. Oz is known as a country where men can freely flaunt their wares in the open and Grundies Underwear allows every man – no matter the continent – to take pride in their property. Grundies’ style of ranges feature images from Australia that are synonymous with the continent and another reason why non-Aussies prefer Grundies as well. Not only are they getting a history lesson, but supporting a label that is different enough to keep them sartorially satisfied.

Aussie, American, Canadian, Spaniard? No matter. Grundies is a brand that gets behind the national spirit and directs it towards an international audience. Try Grundies out for yourself today.