This Week In Men’s Underwear:June 2nd-June 8th, 2015

More pride styles and swimwear take over the majority of the new arrivals! Check out what has happened this week in Men’s Underwear:June 2nd-June 8th, 2015!

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20 Something Brands For 20-Something Men

Hey all you free, loving 20-somethings! Come check out the twenty something underwear brands we assembled to keep you covered almost every day of the month!

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Behind The Scenes Of An Underwear Trade Show

From the funky new prints by MeUndies to the sexy pieces by Gregg Homme to the classic jocks by Jack Adams, the year in underwear just got a lot better.

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REVIEW: Freegun Krash Boxer Brief

Great for a guy in his teens or early twenties, but probably not something you’ll blow away a date with. This seems like the kind of thing you’d see peeking out above a motocross racer’s pants, which makes sense because Freegun sponsors quite a few motorsports athletes. If that’s your thing, then these are the boxer briefs for you.

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Justin Barcia Revs Up Freegun Underwear

Justin Barcia, a pro supercross and motocross racer, just signed with Freegun underwear to join the Freegun Pro Team. Already sponsored by Honda and Geico, he’s the latest addition to Freegun’s lineup of sponsored spokes-athletes, and as a bonus he’ll get to develop his own signature series of Freegun’s popular underwear. Says Justin: “Freegun looks […]

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More About Freegun

Founded in 2002 by Sylvain Claire, Freegun offers underwear for men, women and children as well as clothing and accessories. Freegun targets men who range in ages anywhere between 15 and 30 by offering fun, unique and trendy designs with bold colors and graphic designs.

With original, limited edition, premium and colorful collections, Freegun creates a wide range of underwear in almost of every color and designs that are so much more than just eye-catching. When the brand’s products couldn’t be any more exciting, Freegun ups its game by coming up with new designs every three months. With limited collections and graphic designs, fans of Freegun are almost encouraged to build a collection of mens designer underwear.

Freegun underwear is made from high-quality microfiber, a mix of polyester and spandex, which gives all of the brand’s underwear a smooth, stretchable and still form-fitting feel. Each year, the brand comes up with a variety of choices for inspiring designs. “Designs are never dull,” said Karen Legrand, a representative for Freegun. “Always edgy, colorful and representing a trend.”

Freegun prides itself for constantly updating its collection of mens underwear and finding new ideas and designs. The brand is sponsored by widely renowned action sports athletes such as BMX competitors Ben Hucke, Daniel Sandoval, and Terry Adams. So it’s perfectly clear that Freegun has no intention to bore anybody. Instead, Freegun questions the mindset of generic underwear wearers, calling them to action, and inviting them to show their “true colors.”