Swiss Brand Diego Barberi’s Edition II

“Andreas Nill, Mars Mink, Frank Retsch and Friedrich Stoller are the four young men, that start out to let the fresh breeze of the alps through their customers crotches,” says Diego Barberi’s press release. And like clockwork, these Diego Barberi guys are back with more pictures, this time displaying their Edition II line of trunks, in new colors and with even more Alpine designs.

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More About Diego Barberi

Revolving around the motto “Swiss pride for your joy,” the Diego Barberi brand takes pride in their Switzerland designed and produced underwear. The company was established in 2010, when four guys decided to create a brand named after a man they met in the resort of St. Moritz. Dedicated to creating what they believe is the perfect underwear for themselves, the Diego Barberi brand focuses on capturing “that certain something.”

Striving to make their products noticeably colorful and sporty while still glamorous and sexy, the Diego Barberi brand has innovated the boxer brief in ways that the designers believe best for themselves personally. By staying true to their own needs and wants in their underwear, the brand’s collections feel much more personable and unique in their look and fit, which sets them apart from other bigger and more generic underwear brands. Their signature boxer briefs feature shiny, sexy waistbands with their signature woven into each one. Diego Barberi also uses 95% cotton and 5% lycra for most of their fabrics, as they believe it makes for the smoothest feel and most form complementing fit.

By using cotton, micromodal and lycra combinations, the Diego Barberi underwear brand believes their underwear is even more comfortable than being naked. Though a bold assertion, the Diego Barberi brand’s products have continued to prove itself in Switzerland as well as in it’s efforts to reach out internationally.