Cover Male Takes Off

We’ve been covering Cover Male since it launched earlier this year. It’s barely even April, and in three short months they’ve already made quite a name for themselves by focusing on timeless pieces that draw from an intimate knowledge of the male form.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cover Male Launches

The Underwear Expert has an inside look at a new underwear brand and based on the images and the underwear we’ve seen, it looks like a feisty new player could emerge in the men’s underwear industry this year. Cover Male, established in 2011 and launched in January of this year, has three collections (Sports, Casual-wear […]

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More About Cover Male

Cover Male provides a unique intimate range for men who want to flaunt their package or assets. Cover Male excels in showcasing a mixture of sexiness and masculinity in each of its collections by providing eye-catching and racy styles.

Cover Male Underwear provides excellent support for everyday use. For a boost with an incredible comfort, the Cover Male contour pouch is designed to shape and comfortably hold your package up. Some of the brand’s collections present an enhancement pouch that will improve your profile and give you added support.

For those who like to show some skin, the brand’s range offers a sexy, slim cut low-rise fit. The Cover Male thong provides a high cut on the legs to reveal more skin while the G-String gives minimal coverage. What’s more, Cover Male’s bikini is ideal for those who enjoy minimal coverage but with the option of a little more back coverage.

The Cover Male Underwear collection presents fresh and vibrant colors. The brand comes out with new colors and styles twice per year. Using a variety of microfiber and cotton blends, the Cover Male range gives you all the elements you need for a comfortable fit: support, stretchiness and durability.