Cocksox Mood Ring: What’s Your Cocksox Mood?

24 is a great age to start telling people exactly what you mean and meaning exactly what you say. I was probably around that age when I figured that shit out. It’s been a great thing for me. Try it out with your BF and find out why the fuck he doesn’t want to spend as much time with you and why he won’t stay the night at your house. Just be direct; it’s well worth the effort and it’ll get easier every time.

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More About Cocksox

Cocksox provides a wide range of sexy, enhancing men’s underwear and swimwear to ensure you look your best when you’re wearing your least. Based in Sydney, Australia, Cocksox offers sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear for men to wear everyday. Cocksox Underwear provides shape enhancing styles that are durable, breathable, soft and designed to flatter the male figure. Cocksox Underwear presents a variety of styles such as boxer briefs, G-strings, thongs, bikinis, briefs and jockstraps.

The main feature of the Cocksox Underwear collection is the specially designed pouch that lifts and supports to give an enhanced profile. One of the brand’s most popular styles that features the Enhancer Pouch is the Cocksox Thong. The unique pouch design offers comfort and support for extended periods of activity. The company prides itself for not using rings or slings.

Most of the Cocksox underwear range is made from a fabric called Supplex, which is highly breathable, soft and fast drying. The Supplex fabric holds its shape while wicking away moisture too. Some Cocksox Underwear ranges are made from super soft Lycra, which is very comfortable and long lasting. And the most revealing Cocksox Underwear collections are made from a mesh fabric that is super soft, light, strong and breathable.

Cocksox also offers a swimwear range of sexy styles made from comfortable and stretchable fabrics. The Cocksox Swimwear range also features the brand’s pouch enhancing contour. Cocksox swimwear is made from fabrics such as the ultra comfortable Lycra, which is incredibly comfortable to wear and highly chlorine resistant.