C-IN2’s Solid Grip

After interviewing Daniel Garofali, the up-and-coming model in C-IN2’s official Grip photoshoot and reporting on the new collection itself, The Underwear Expert is pleased to present the official photos for the new athletic line. Take a look — Garofali’s in top form, and Grip looks great.

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C-in2 Personal Fit Factor Collection

What if there was a magical pair of underwear that compensated for growers, and accommodated showers? If you’re a C-in2 fan, you know there already is a magical pair of underwear that does both. Or maybe not! Either way, take a look at this video we shot with C-in2 Creative Director Greg Sovell, explaining both.

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C-in2 Hand Me Down Collection

Need a hand me down? Ok, maybe not if we’re talking underwear. C-in2, however, with their wildly popular Hand Me Down collection, aims to do just that. They take a collegiate design approach to a worn-feeling fabric (you know, the way that college shirt from your older brother feels?) and provides one of the most comfortable underwear collections on the market.

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MODEL TALK: C-in2’s Daniel Garofali

Talk about full spectrum dominance! Daniel Garofali, in addition to possessing a chiseled bod and leonine features, swings with ease from posing for C-In2’s Grip line to penning columns for the Huffington Post and DNA magazine. In the meantime, he’s participating in the viral campaign #werehumantoo. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about how it all clicks.

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C-IN2 Filthy Collection

Need some help getting Filthy? One normally doesn’t associate this type of marketing with men’s underwear but C-IN2 is up to something and we like it very much. You can also read our earlier article about the C-IN2 Filthy Collection. The Underwear Expert got an exclusive interview with our long time friend, Greg Sovell, Creative […]

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Eco-Friendly Underwear Picks

We highlighted some brands that have gone green and are now offering eco-friendly underwear, but if you haven’t made the switch by now there’s probably not much more we can say. Or maybe you just need a little more green guidance. So, because pictures are worth a thousand words, we present to you the best options […]

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More About C-IN2

C-IN2 (pronounced: “see in 2”) is a men’s underwear brand founded in 2005 and headed by Gregory Sovell, former creator of 2(X)IST. C-IN2 Underwear’s mission is to continue the evolution of the best underwear on the market today.

In recent years, C-IN2 Underwear has become recognized for its sexy underwear collection that features striking colors and a wide variety of styles. These styles include: low-rise briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs, jockstraps, crew neck T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless T-shirts and long johns.

Since its inception, C-IN2 Underwear has introduced breakthrough “technologies” to its designs. If you know that you’re a “grower” or a “shower,” C-IN2 Underwear makes a pouch size to accommodate different sizes and shapes of the male anatomy in the Personal Fit Factor collection. C-IN2 Underwear also creates innovative fabrics such as the Grip range, which features a high performance moisture transport that transfers perspiration from the inside to the outside of the garment.

Each season, C-IN2 Underwear updates its collections with the most fashionable colors and color combinations. The brand’s collections include:

  • Pop Colors and Stripes
  • Zen
  • Grip
  • Hand Me Down
  • Filthy
  • Prime

In 2010, the brand was acquired by a new entity, C-IN2 Clothing Company Inc., based in Montreal, Canada. Sovell continues as creative director. The venture allows the brand to expand into new categories and product lines.