Stay Cool In Navy Blue Underwear

Several underwear brands have released navy blue underwear looks recently. Navy blue is a neutral hue—a blue that’s allowed to go where other colors aren’t.

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20 Something Brands For 20-Something Men

Hey all you free, loving 20-somethings! Come check out the twenty something underwear brands we assembled to keep you covered almost every day of the month!

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REVIEW: BR4SS Fitted Boxer

While not the normal style that the Underwear Expert goes for, this is undeniably a strong pair of underwear for the category that it chooses to compete in. If you have a more youthful, sporty look about you but don’t want something that’s so fashion-forward that you have to pay out the nose, BR4SS underwear is a solid contender .

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More About BR4SS

Founded in 2010 and based in Los Angeles, California, BR4SS takes timeless concepts and delivers them in a modern, unique styling. Priding itself on its “fitted boxer” design, the brand focuses around providing stylish colors and patterns.

The BR4SS “fitted boxer” is the brand’s single style of cut but is somewhat of a hybrid. The cut of the fitted boxer is less restrictive than the normal boxer brief, yet more supportive than traditional boxers. The brand even boasts that its underwear’s special cut prevents riding up in addition to showing off body shape naturally.

The BR4SS fitted boxer provides additional comfort through its fabrics. BR4SS uses a special fabric blend that is 58% cotton, 37% polyester and 5% spandex, and its cotton is hand picked.

The brand aims to “freshen up your top drawer,” and its styles certainly do just that. The design features the brand’s trendy logo off-centered on the waistband, and offers plenty of other color and design options. The graphic print options give a hip and trendy look to the underwear while other simple color options allow for a classic look whether cute, masculine or sexy.

BR4SS draws inspiration from travel, nature, industry, women, art and all other trends while making its underwear as unique as possible. The brand looks forward to constantly releasing larger and more creatively designed looks in its collections with every season.