More About Bluebuck Underwear

Bluebuck is a London-based men’s underwear brand that offers a masculine-inspired design. The brand’s underwear line is made with complete attention to detail, quality and comfort. Started in 2010 by Pierre David, Bluebuck Underwear was created to take a minimalistic approach to men’s underwear. With only four colors and three styles to choose from, Bluebuck Underwear has focused on simplicity, comfort and support.

Bluebuck targets a specific demographic, too. It’s made for rugged men who like to climb mountains, chop down trees or swim in the outdoors. “Our underwear is about having an adventure, having fun and not being overly concerned with the perfect body image,” said Kevin Cheesman, a UK representative for Bluebuck Underwear.

In keeping with the preservation of nature for the outdoorsy consumer, Bluebuck makes a point of being eco-conscious. The brand uses only organic cotton, which has significantly less of a carbon footprint than cotton grown using chemicals. The underwear’s organic cotton is sourced from farms in Portugal, where at least 40% of the energy is powered from renewable resources. In addition, Bluebuck has a strong commitment to eliminating long supply lines and lower transit pollution of their product.

Aside from keeping up with the needs of its consumers, Bluebuck is also involved with special charities. In 2012, the brand partnered with Rugby star and gay rights advocate Ben Cohen to release a line of men’s underwear. Proceeds went to Cohen’s charity, the StandUp Foundation. This organization is dedicated to combatting bullying, especially the bullying of children perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Bluebuck Underwear is offered in three styles: briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. The underwear line comes in blue, white, black and grey colors with contrast stitching and a logo featuring the antlers of a bluebuck on the center of the waistband.