More about Baskit Underwear

Baskit is known for its wonderfully fashionable, totally comfortable, and high-quality made underwear and swimwear, as well as redefining style. Founded in 1999, Baskit has always been committed to “catering to the everyday needs of stylish men.” The international brand brings style to the table in a multitude of way underneath the pants, and in many different styles. Baskit briefs, trunks, boxers and the Baskit jock are only a few of the many options provided by the brand.

Baskit mens underwear, however, always pairs its style with amazing comfortability, as well as functionality. While many brands can say they know what a man needs to look good, Baskit underwear would never sacrifice fit and feel to reach style; they fit it all in one. Made with only the most premium fabrics and materials, any collection of Baskit underwear provides the support needed to enjoy your lifestyle fully – “from office to gym to a night out on the town.”

Baskit is also known for its men’s swimwear released in 2008, as well as revolutionizing the underwear industry with the creation of their awesome “Jock Brief,” which many brands have tried to imitate. Many have tried and will continue to try imitating Baskit’s awesome underwear, but that just comes with the territory when you’re such a top-notch and stylish brand!