Eco-Friendly Underwear Picks

We highlighted some brands that have gone green and are now offering eco-friendly underwear, but if you haven’t made the switch by now there’s probably not much more we can say. Or maybe you just need a little more green guidance. So, because pictures are worth a thousand words, we present to you the best options […]

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The Andrew Christian Bounce Test Besides making you look and feel good, the best that underwear can aspire to is, oddly, nothing. That is, the closer it feels to not wearing any underwear at all, the better. Andrew Christian scores a double whammy, then, with its new Almost Naked Brief. They just released a new video subjecting the brief’s […]

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MAGIC Trade Show Coverage

The MAGIC trade show was a great experience for The Underwear Expert’s editorial team.  We met some great designers and representatives from brands all over the world and learned about some fantastic new things happening in the men’s underwear industry and fashion in general.  The Underwear Expert has some very exciting things happening on the […]

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EXPERT COLLECTION: Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day: It’s love and extravagance for some, fun and adventure for others. But for everyone, it’s a time to think twice about what pair to put on in the morning (or take off at night). We’ve compiled a list of our favorite made-for-Valentine’s underwear (and included some everyday favorites which work especially well on […]

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More About Andrew Christian

Based in Los Angeles, California, Andrew Christian underwear was founded in 1997. Led by the brand’s namesake creative director, Andrew Christian, the brand is best known for its devoted fan base, viral video campaigns, innovative pouches and designs and, of course, the ever popular Andrew Christian models.

The brand is perhaps most well known for its anatomically correct Almost Naked range of men’s underwear. The range features a hang-free pouch designed to enhance the profile of the package and maximize comfort.

Other pouches include:

• Andrew Christian Show-It
• Andrew Christian Shock Jock
• Andrew Christian Almost Naked
• Andrew Christian Trophy Boy
• Andrew Christian NanoFit

The California-based brand is also known for the first ever Anti Muffin Top Elastic, which is designed to reduce love handles and streamline the waist. In addition to men’s underwear, the brand sells Andrew Christian swimwear, jewelry, and Andrew Christian clothing.

The brand is most recently notable for their risqué marketing videos, which are widely shared on the internet and feature many of today’s up and coming men’s underwear models. They have a variety of themes for these videos including a carwash, camping, road-trip and more. They often contain mild nudity and an emphasis on the brand’s designs; the videos are often released with an uncensored version. The brand was kicked off of YouTube for violating their content Terms and Conditions in 2012; as result, they saw one of its biggest sales days ever. Their models have gained huge followings of their own as result of the brand’s videos as well. Most notable of those models is Colby Melvin, who in 2012 released a special edition of autographed underwear.